Posted by  •  February 20

Mac vs PC - the conversation continues... There is a constant debate in my house.  It has been going on for about ten years.  It is not exclusive, however, to us.  Others have the same debate - in fact, it is a global one. I am an artist, a designer, who values color and aesthetics over most other things -...

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September 27  • 

The Business of Soccer

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September 20  • 

Don’t Give Up!

I have been looking for a video for a while now that encompasses my beliefs about staying motivated and not giving up.  I am a big believer in...

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July 25  • 

What is Social Business?

The week before I left for vacation I picked up a couple books at the library.  The one that has changed my life is called "Building Social...

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June 27  • 

Elements of a Business Plan – The Executive Summary

The executive summary is your businesses first impression.  Interestingly, however, it is best to write it last, after you have figured out all of...

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